Clothing Store

Sometimes it’s hard to go to a department store to update your wardrobe. Maybe you’ve worn the same clothes as someone else at a party. At Happy Dayze Cigar & Smoke, we have a fun and unique adult clothing selection so that doesn’t have to happen to you again! We have simple outfits so you’re comfortable during the days and designer clothes for those nights out.

As an adult store, specifically, an adult clothing store, we make it possible to find good-looking clothes at excellent prices. We have a wide variety of apparels ranging from leather belts to tops and jeans. We have adult work clothes so you look professional and trendy at the same time.

We invite you to our explore our head shop and clothing store at Happy Dayze Cigar & Smoke, to check it out! You’ll have fun looking at our whole store. Be prepared to find lots of clothes that fit in your budget. For the best adult clothing store and gift shop in Sparks, NV, come visit us today!